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Skilled Georgia Lawyer Pursues Debts on Creditors’ Behalf

Atlanta-area law firm with a track record of recovering funds from debtors

Nonpaying clients and customers can bring even the most successful business to a halt. Missing funds and the expense required to chase them can overwhelm owners and managers. To keep various corporate and individual clients moving ahead, the Law Office of Brent D. Stamps, LLC helps small businesses, professional practices and other companies secure the revenue they have earned. My office has great familiarity with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and other relevant Georgia and federal rules and regulations, to further aid in your claim being handled with the propriety and professionalism you deserve.

Resolving commercial nonpayment through litigation and other methods

Commercial nonpayment can affect every company, no matter what service they offer or field they happen to be in. Even multinational corporations with billions in assets sometimes refuse to pay their bills. When this happens, the Law Office of Brent D. Stamps, LLC diligently seeks recovery through:

  • Thorough investigation — With more than 15 years of experience locating debtors, I have numerous resources at my disposal to find people evading their responsibility. Even when they have taken extraordinary measures to “disappear,” I can help track them down.
  • Strong pursuit of debtors — Clear, consistent communication is a vital tool in enforcing creditors’ rights. Reaching out to companies that owe money and explaining the consequences of continuing nonpayment can often lead to a prompt, successful outcome.
  • Effective resolution — Sometimes litigation is the best option for recovery. When other methods of debt collection have been exhausted, I will build and present the strongest possible case on your behalf and consider every legal means to enforce any judgment.

The Law Office of Brent D. Stamps, LLC is committed to developing a customized strategy that will deliver justice to creditors.

Assisting companies with retail collection matters

For unpaid store balances, check and credit card issues or any other retail collection issue, the Law Office of Brent D. Stamps, LLC provides diligent representation to recover money owed to business clients. By using the latest technology and the knowledge gained from more than 15 years of legal experience, I offer superior opportunities at clearing accounts receivable to improve your bottom line.

Contact an experienced Atlanta-area collections lawyer to enforce your rights

The Law Office of Brent D. Stamps, LLC represents creditors in all types of debt collection matters. I also assist businesses with litigation and contract issues. Call 470-236-6210 or contact me online to schedule a meeting at our metro Atlanta practice office.